Steps to use a torque wrench
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When a torque wrench operation, because of the pipe wrench jaw opening, namely the activities on the tongs clamp head open when there is a can of rolling, so the size of the opening just like the diameter of the pipe, if the aperture is greater than the diameter of the pipe, it is difficult to clamping on the tube.

When used, the tongs card onto the pipe, a bit with a bit of "shock", is a "hit" with some force to the pipe, so you can get stuck pipe. Twisted torque wrench, must pay attention to an important principle, that is tongs can only according to the clockwise direction. Because you carefully look at the shape of the teeth on the pipe wrench you can found that it is in one direction and fall, if you need to manipulate the force direction and will need to tighten or loosen the pipe in the right direction, after taking it from fitting a pipe wrench "right direction", change the direction of twisted card a pipe wrench is fitting, can operate.

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