Aluminium alloy pipe tongs clamp handle knowledge is introduced
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The pliers handles and end of the aluminium alloy pipe wrench and pliers handle hinged chain, pliers handle front end equipped with chain meshing teeth. Further, through the connecting plate and chain tongs hinge, handle the chain end hinged with one end of the connecting plate, the other end of the connecting plate and hinged pliers handle.

Pliers are distributed in the front of the teeth arc handle, the chain tongs at work, the chain of the hinged end is free, and not with pliers handle fixed or hinged, pipe fittings of clamping, rotate by the pipe fittings and the friction between its chain, and torsion is by forceps handle front end of meshing force produced by the local rock and chains pliers handle no hypothesis point in pipe surface.

Aluminum alloy pipe wrench, therefore, to overcome the deficiency of the existing chain tongs, can not only for metal fitting, but also for ceramic pipe fittings, thin-walled pipe fittings, plastic pipe fittings, such as clamping, rotation, does not produce bite marks, does not damage the pipe surface.

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