A torque wrench and the difference between American tongs
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A torque wrench is convenient to use, reliable, the pull rod tension using tongs, casing and strength relative rotation, lever not happen can meet all kinds of screw pitch operation needs. Next introduce strength pipe wrench for everyone and the difference between traditional American tongs:

A torque wrench and the traditional is the biggest difference between American tongs: strength of the pipe wrench wrench handle structure of casing, a torque rod can freely adjustable in the wrench handle, lengthening its arm. It is special in the front of the torque rod is equipped with positioning device with a fixed clamp the length of the handle, to strength pipe wrench is in use when convenient, and effort.

Through the above introduction, believe everybody to strength the difference between the pipe wrench and traditional American tongs had certain understanding, if you have a torque wrench purchase requirements, welcome calls for enquiry.

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